Account-Based Marketing

PREZENTA provides ABM services as an ongoing process that will help you establish profitable business partnerships. We provide a summary of what makes ABM (Account-Based Marketing) an essential part of long-term business development. The strategies we create for our clients are based on our capacity to understand who are their perfect-fit customers and how to engage them on a personal level.



This is the part where we focus on how prospects and clients perceive your business and how much likely they are to interact with your products and services. We create standardized profiles of your ideal customer and propose elaborate strategies to position your organization as a leading provider within your area of expertise.


Leads identification

Based on the documented profile, we begin to search and identify only those top accounts that are relevant for your organization. We filter and centralize all leads to establish a database with their pain points and how your company can solve them. We propose a link between each account and how your products and services can benefit their needs. Also, we craft and personalize every deliverable material needed to communicate the value of your products and services.


Reach out strategy

In phase one, we develop a 6+ months strategic approach to each of the account bundles that we identify. We choose the desired communication channels (Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Webinar) for each account, we adapt all your assets to speak directly to them and explain in detail how you can solve their needs. However, to get considerable results and build a strong B2B foundation, we recommend you take into account that a 6+ months strategy will yield a greater increase in ROI. The buyer’s journey is not static, your clients’ needs change, and your ABM strategy must be adapted accordingly over a specific timeframe.


For effective planning, your company needs a marketing optimized digital presence so we can easily target those specific accounts. This is an ongoing process and the more data we collect, the more specific we can be. Account-Based Marketing is like a web that spreads on every aspect of your business and needs complex, optimized assets that can deliver value to your clients and prospects.