Areas of expertise

The following is a summary of our areas of expertise. They are at the foundation from which all of our marketing efforts are born. We’re not offering these as separate services but it’s more an overview so you can get a clear understanding of what we do best. 

What we do best

Brand Positioning

This is how customers and clients perceive your company and the value of your products and services. For effective brand positioning, it’s important to define who is your ideal-fit customer (company and individual).

Then we craft the story of your company and communicate the right message to your prospects. We focus on how your products and services can solve their pain points to lead them into the buying process.

Digital foundation

Your company’s digital presence is the foundation for all your marketing and lead generation efforts. For your prospects, it should offer all the valuable information about you and your products, in a clear and concise way. For you, it’s an essential tool for business development, aimed to attract and engage relevant customers that go into your sales funnel. 

Lead Generation

Leads are not just simple website visitors. We focus on converting those simple visitors into leads that take action and fill out a form for an offer request or call you for further acquisition details. The purpose of this ongoing process is to create personalized incentives to get more visitors to enter into your buying process.

Sales Streamlining

Good marketing sells. In the industrial manufacturing sector, the Marketing and Sales team work separately and this often leads to missed opportunities. We create alignment around your business objectives and foster better internal communication. Our CRM and automation software solutions will streamline the sales process and offer better insights to the marketing team.

Lead Capture

It’s not enough to gather leads if they don’t decide to make a purchase. We craft any deliverables (newsletter, brochure, a landing page & ads) for each customer journey step (awareness, consideration, and decision) to make sure they learn the value of your products. Our lead capturing strategy relies on advanced account-based marketing methods and aims to build trust and incentivize your prospects.


Adaptability and continuous improvement. How can we drive results if we don’t analyze our efforts? We keep track of important metrics such as website traffic, what converts, and how many leads we generate over a specific timeframe. To measure the marketing success according to your expectations (target revenue and profit margin), we have a measurement system in place and we adapt to fit your needs.