GDPR – Audit & Implementation

If your organization operates within the EU/EEA territory, it’s mandatory to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and carefully handle any personal data related to the individuals working at your company, your clients’ data, and any other third parties involved. By applying the GDPR policies, your company will legally handle data with a personal character from anywhere within the EU/EEA territory and become eligible for the international business market. 


Before any changes and updates are made to your legal documents and privacy policy, we need to conduct a GDPR Audit of your organization.


Phase one. GDPR Audit

Our IT & Legal departments will take care of all the data mapping inside your organization – data collections, contracts, data from video surveillance, data storage locations such as emails, cloud, records, and any application software used by the teams. We will provide an analysis report in which you can find details about areas with high risk inside your organization and proposed ways of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. You get all the necessary documentation in no more than 2 weeks.


After we finish with the GDPR Audit, you’ll be ready and well prepared to implement. Still, if you want us to do the implementation service, here’s a summary of our process.


Phase two. GDPR Implementation

Based on the analysis report that we created during the audit, we need 4 weeks to review and update all your legal documents, including employees and customers and suppliers’ contracts, to make sure they are following the General Data Protection Regulations and the EU/EEA laws. We will establish a legal basis for data processing to increase security and establish an internal procedure in case of a data breach. Furthermore, we will update all the specific stipulations found in your contracts (customers/employees) and make sure everyone within your organization is correctly informed about the use of their personal data and key GDPR policies.


We can also provide employee training on how to handle personal data between departments in your company, according to EU/EEA GDPR laws. 


For a successful collaboration, we require the following working premises:

At the beginning of our collaboration, we’ll sign an NDA to ensure the security of your data. Your organization must assign someone with whom we will communicate during the whole audit/implementation process and can provide any information regarding the personal data protection procedures. Also, we need you to provide all the necessary documents that we require during the audit process.