The industrial custom website

Custom website blueprint – developing strategy

Before we begin any implementation processes, it’s important to outline a strategy that will serve as the foundation for your website. It’s a one-month consulting project that will help us create a documented step-by-step plan for your company’s digital presence. We focus on functionality to deliver a website that will produce results in a specific timeframe. 

  • Phase one.
    We ask you to fill a Discovery Questionnaire that will provide us with essential information about your organization, ideal customer, industry landscape, and expected outcomes;

  • Phase two.
    A 2-3 hours videoconference with your executive and sales team where we discuss the Discovery Questionnaire, talk about your website’s role in your sales strategy, and how it will help you achieve your business objective;

  • Phase three.
    Based on what we learn from you, we start working on the strategy. The final document will include marketing optimized wireframes for at least three key pages (services, products, company presentation) of your website, maximum of three effective practices for an increased lead-generation, details about buying influencers and where to place them on your site (call-to-action buttons, offer inquiries), and suggested software to improve internal procedures;

  • Phase four.
    A 2-3 hours videoconference to present you the blueprint and overall strategy. We want your feedback so we can discuss any refinements, if necessary and we make sure that you’ll be ready to implement and start building your website;


Investing in a blueprint for your company’s digital presence will eliminate any guesswork and serve as a strong, results-oriented foundation for the team you choose to do the implementation with. Still, if you think that we are fit to execute, we explain below our process for building your website.

Custom website implementation

We believe that your company’s website must drive sales by reflecting more than just the products or services. We want to create a competitive advantage by delivering advanced solutions and value to your clients. The custom website implementation process takes 4 weeks and we also schedule two feedback sessions.

  • Phase one.
    Based on the blueprint, first, we build a landing page so we can start the process of lead-generation and do some A/B testing that will help us achieve a powerful website. The landing page will also give you a better picture of the final output.

  • Phase two.
    In the meantime, we create the wireframes for the remaining pages.

  • Phase three.
    We start writing only relevant content for each page, we design each element, and we do some A/B testing on the already published landing page. This helps us clarify your company’s message and speak directly to your target audience;

  • Phase four.
    We schedule a 1-2 hours videoconference where we present you the mock-up for your website. It includes the most important and relevant content + design elements. This is basically the static version of how your website will look like.

  • Phase five.
    Our developers build each page based on the approved mock-up. This is the most complex part of the implementation process and usually takes
    two weeks.

  • Phase six.
    We schedule a 1-2 hours videoconference to present you with the work in progress version of your website. Here we ask for your feedback to discuss any improvements and changes that we need to make based on your objectives and expectations.

  • Phase seven.
    We switch the landing page with the website content and we go live. For one month we oversee its evolution and how your clients and prospects interact with it to see if it requires any small changes and UX improvements.