Marketing Strategy Audit & Implementation

A marketing strategy is an investment and it must always be results-driven. We are specialists in understanding how to communicate the strengths of your services and products in the industrial B2B environment. PREZENTA’s approach to an efficient marketing strategy is an in-depth study of your organization and area of expertise so we can attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers. 


Through various practical methods, tested and refined over the years, we’ve outlined a three-step process that helps our clients become top providers within their industry, be it engineering, automotive, advanced software solutions, or medical.


Step one. Marketing Audit

We begin with a 1-month consultation project. We conduct a Marketing Audit of your company and analyze all your marketing efforts in the last 6 months. We do a SWOT analysis to get an overview of your internal procedures (strengths, development opportunities) and external threats (product weaknesses, direct competitors). In order to have full access to your digital presence (website and social media profiles), we sign an NDA that will protect the information you share. To see the overall marketing strategy performance and how it helped you reach your business objectives, we’ll start by an evaluation of your company’s website and its lead generation capabilities. We look at your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook and others) to identify any communication inconsistencies.


At the end of the audit process, you’ll have a clear understanding of your current weaknesses and improvement opportunities. We’ll also provide a document of evaluation for the digital presence (website) of your organization.


Step two. Marketing Strategy Creation

This is where we work on a practical marketing strategy plan. We give suggestions, clear action steps, and propose new ways to engage prospects and increase lead generation. Usually, we craft a strategy for 6+ months but we are flexible, depending on your business goals. Having the right goals will help you analyze and keep track of your process. Otherwise, you risk spending a lot of money without any considerable results. 


Based on your ideal customer profile, we choose those communication channels that will yield the best results and ROI. The strategy includes everything from graphics, and outreach proposals, to blog posts, and case studies (if applicable). We recommend that you allocate somewhere between 3% to 8% of your total revenue to be spent on marketing, regardless of who you choose to do the implementation of the strategy. 


It takes us 1 month to create your strategy. When we are done, we schedule a videoconference to take you through the marketing strategy plan, step-by-step. You’ll receive an +20 pages document with everything you need to start the implementation process. 


Step three. Marketing Strategy Implementation

If you want PREZENTA to execute the plan, we recommend you take a look at our implementation services. This is an ongoing process and we can’t predict how much time we need and the necessary budget. It depends on your business objectives and your expectations. We will schedule a 2-hours videoconference to discuss your goals in detail. We will work as an extension to your company, get in touch with your clients/customers, and periodically update the plan accordingly.