Our ideal client

If you don’t check all the boxes below, we can still work together to achieve your digital goals. However, most of the following will tell you what drives a successful collaboration with PREZENTA.


Our best-fit clients:

  1. are B2B manufacturers and industrial services providers (preferably midsized);
  2. have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise, want to innovate, and are dedicated to learning;
  3. create advanced customized solutions (rather than simple commodities) using the latest technologies;
  4. are looking to expand their business on the international market and make a positive impact within their industry;
  5. want to establish an industrial, custom buying process to respond to the growing demand in the digital business environment;
  6. want to upgrade their internal processes and increase output capacity;
  7. are more interested in a long-term strategy (rather than quick, short-term fixes) with a huge impact on the development of their organization;
  8. understand the importance of investing in strategy and digital audits without rushing to implement unfeasible solutions;
  9. want to invest time in developing a sales growth funnel and are ready to provide access to any information that we need from the executive and sales teams so that we can help them grow;